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How does the program work?

We purchase a set dollar amount of your future Visa/Mastercard sales at a discount, in exchange we pay you cash today. Then, through an automated process, we seamlessly collect the set dollar amount by taking a small percentage from each of your future Visa/Mastercard sales. Our merchant cash advances are a terrific alternative to those who have been unsucessful in obtaining bad credt business loans.

How long does it take to get approved for funding?

Merchant Capital Source approves applications within 24 hours and funds within 7 business days. Unlike unsecured small business loans or bad credit business loans; that may take weeks to obtain or even receive an answer, we work quickly to get you the cash you need.

Why is Merchantcash the most flexible option available to manage my cash flow needs?

We are not a lender or a traditional source of financing! No hoops to jump through, no tax returns, no liens, no cumbersome fixed loan repayments keeping you up at night and no bankers saying “no.“ 
Unlike bad credit business loans and unsecured small business loans, there are no fixed payments to worry about. We simply buy a portion of your future Visa/Mastercard receipts; in exchange we pay you cash today and, here is the best part, we only get paid as quickly as your business allows. In other words, the amount that you pay Merchantcash each month is determined by how well your business performs. We are true partners in your success.

How do I know if I qualify?

If you have been in business more than 12 months, have at least $5,000 of monthly Visa/Mastercard receipts, and meet some other simple requirements, you will most likely qualify. Submit an application today to get the process started. Click here to start the application process.

How do I know how much I have left to pay?

We send you a monthly statement. You can also track your payments through our secure merchant web login.

I can’t find any unsecured small business loans, can you help me?

Yes! Although we are not a loan we are unsecured. We do not require personal or business collateral.

Are merchant cash advances a good alternative to bad credit business loans?

Yes! The truth is that bad credit business loans are very difficult to obtain. We are not a lender! Our unsecured small business loans are actually an advance against future credit card sales. Use the power of your future sales to get the cash you need today!

How do I make payments?

We work seamlessly with your credit card processor and take a small percentage of your daily Visa/Mastercard sales. There are no payment coupons, late fees or prepayment penalties

Who can I contact to learn more?

You can call our Customer Support Center at 1-888-444-5532 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5 pm PST. They will be happy to answer any more questions you may have about our services.

What if I already have a business loan?

Our product is an advance., not a loan. As long as you qualify and meet our requirements we can provide you the cash very quickly without affecting your other obligations. Whether you have a secured business loan, a bad credit business loans or unsecured small business loans we can still work with you. Furthermore, because our obligation does not appear on your credit report as a trade line we do not encumber you and your business from receiving a loan once we are in place.

I have a merchant cash advance with another company, can Merchantcash replace that arrangement and offer me more money?

We often offer larger advances at better terms then our competitors and will pay off your existing advance if it is in your business’s best interest. Contact us and find out how much you are qualified to receive – please have your current balance from your current provider available when you call.

What can the Merchant Cash Advance be used for?

Merchant Capital Source places no restrictions on how you choose to use the cash. Common uses include the purchase of inventory, purchase of equipment, remodeling, expansion, payoff debt and taxes.

Why should I avoid a broker or “rep” when seeking a merchant cash advance funding?

Quite simply they add no value; they actually add time to the funding process and very often add cost. Because they simply throw your application over to another company for underwriting they have no control over the process – this places you one step further away from the underwriting team – the very people who want to understand your business. You will deal directly with our in house underwriters. Brokers and reps often charge finders fees and other “brokerage commissions” just for the act of faxing your application to multiple funding sources.

Is there an application fee?

NO! There is no cost or obligation associated with submitting the application and processing statements. Once submitted we will provide you a proposal for funding and you can make the best decision for your business.